Feel Like You And Your Dog Need Therapy?

Change your dog’s reactive behavior for the better, heal your relationship, and feel PROUD of yourself and your dog!

“I’m at my wit’s end.”  

How many times have you thought that?  Probably more than you care to admit if you are living with a reactive dog.

Your dog is having big emotions and you are, too.

Are you…

  • Crying and having meltdowns on walks because your sweet, loving dog turns into a ferocious terror when another dog or person appears?

  • Embarrassed every time a friend comes over because your dog is uncontrollable - barking, mouthing, and lunging?

  • Arguing with your partner or family members on how to stop your dog from barking?

  • Cringing every time you get more unsolicited advice on what to do with your dog?

  • Scared if your dog’s reactivity will get worse?

  • Losing sleep about the repercussions of your dog’s behavior?

  • Avoiding situations and rearranging your entire life to accommodate your dog?

  • Feeling like no one understands how much your dog is stressing you out?

  • At your wit’s end and don’t know where to go from here

Tell me if this cycle sounds familiar.

You get angry with your dog.   But then you feel guilty because you know your dog is struggling.  Then you get angry with yourself for not addressing the problem.  So you get motivated and start working with your dog. Things are going great, your dog is learning new things.  But then you are left feeling confused and defeated the next time your dog freaks out at the poodle across the street.

I know all these

because I’ve been there.

The good news is that there is hope!

I know you’ve tried before and it didn’t work out for you.

Maybe you’ve hired an in-person trainer.  

But, they wanted to throw a prong collar (or worse) on your dog and that didn’t exactly make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Or maybe that trainer was great…

But, you’ve got questions, aren’t sure what to do next and it’s been crickets trying to book your next session.

Perhaps your dog is so traumatized by strangers, the thought of having a dog trainer come over to your house makes you break out in a sweat.  

Then you watch YouTube videos or maybe even buy a course.

Maybe your results have been mixed.  You think your dog is getting it…

But, then your dog lunges at the next dog they see on a walk.

All these options leave you feeling more confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated than ever.

Then you start to think your dog is just going to be like this forever. 

Here’s why none of those options worked:

They didn’t make YOU the expert on your dog.

They piecemeal bits of information without giving you the full picture you need to achieve long-lasting results with your dog.

None of these options give you the power to really tap into what your dog is thinking and feeling.

Think about it.  

  • Have you worked with a trainer or taken a course only to be left feeling cloudy on how to get started and what to do until the next session?

  • How do you even know you are making progress?  

  • Sure, that pattern game worked on the YouTube video, but is it really working for your dog?  

  • Are you just teaching your dog a cool new trick they will promptly forget as soon as they see another dog?  

So where do you go from here?

You need….





The CCP gives you a roadmap to get straight to the ROOT CAUSE of your dog’s barking, lunging, and growling so you enjoy life with your dog, grow your connection, and feel proud and confident of how far you’ve come together.

The Calm Canine Program eliminates stress for you and your dog.

  • Stop doubting where to even start by learning the foundations to help your dog keep their cool

  • Teach your dog real deal, genuine relaxation (and no, that’s not just holding a stay on a mat)

  • Have a plan so you know exactly what to do when that dog, person, skateboarder, or chatty neighbor appears

  • Decode your dog so you can prevent a reaction from even happening

  • Learn how to recognize progress and set milestones that make sense for you and your dog

  • Reset your mindset after a reaction happens so you stop the downward spiral of beating yourself up

What makes The Calm Canine Program different?


Have you felt that panic when your time with a trainer ends?  

“Oh no!  I have to go it alone now. What am I going to do?”If that’s the case that dog trainer didn’t do you any favors.  

So many dog training approaches forget to take into account the most important factor in your dog’s training and recovery:  YOU.  

Who cares if your dog behaves for the trainer?  You need to be able to do everything with your dog that the trainer has done.

What sets the CCP apart is its holistic approach.

The CCP isn’t just giving you all the information and wishing you the best. Reactive behavior impacts not just your dog, but also you - your dog’s human.  That's why the CCP offers personalized attention and guidance to help you develop the skills and tools needed to navigate this journey successfully.

Throughout the program, you will have access to a comprehensive curriculum presented through videos and detailed handouts.  You start by laying a solid foundation and developing the skills you need to communicate with your dog.

Once you've mastered these basics, we dive into the specific components tailored to your dog's reactive behaviors, including general anxiety, noise reactivity, leash reactivity, stranger-danger, and dog reactivity.

How The Calm Canine Program

will change your dog’s life:

  • You learn the Ten to Zen:  The 10 steps necessary to overcome your dog’s reactivity and build a closer connection with your dog than ever before.  

  • You learn the Teach-Proof-Trigger protocol that shows you how to go from teaching your dog baby steps in your living room to real-life situations

  • You attend “doggie group therapy.”This is what CCP teams call the group coaching calls.  You get the support you need without any judgment.

  • You stay motivated and accountable because you’ve got the support of the entire CCP community via the private Facebook group.  The dog parents in the CCP are top notch.  They love their dogs, are committed to their training, and bring so much compassion and understanding than a single trainer can alone.  

When you combine all of these things - the proven curriculum, the coaching calls, and the support of a community - that’s when the magic happens.

The CCP will help you reach your dream dog goals:

  • Go from hyper scanning every time you are outside with your dog to actually enjoying walks

  • Reduce your dog’s barking at the window when someone walks by

  • Calm noise-sensitive dog so they aren’t stressed and you can get peace

  • Have family and friends over without straining to converse over your dog’s barking

  • Take your dog to fun outings like hikes and restaurants

  • Help your dog relax in the car so they aren’t panting and pacing the whole ride

  • Get your dog to stop chasing every bunny and squirrel so you stop getting dragged

Full Disclosure:

The Calm Canine Program is not for everyone.

If your dog is just "kinda jumpy" or "barks sometimes" this is going to be way more comprehensive than you need.  

This isn’t a self-paced, DIY course that takes your money and wishes you the best.  Your success is important to me because it means both you and your dog are living better lives.  

It's also not for guardians looking for someone else to train their dog.  It's for guardians who want to heal their relationship and strengthen their connection with their dog.  If you want an improved quality of life for both of you.

If You Are Ready To:

  • Understand what your dog is thinking and feeling

  • Train your dog in such a way that stops the reactivity, but also builds trust and grows your bond

  • Get support from a coach and community who gets it and knows exactly what you are going through

  • Get really serious about addressing your dog’s behavior before it gets worse

  • Help your dog feel less scared, anxious, and frustrated by the human world

  • Feel prepared for the real world and confident that you and your dog can tackle whatever life throws at you

  • Be the expert in your dog and stop relying on a trainer for the rest of your dog’s life

Book your free call and let’s talk about your dog!

The Calm Canine Alumni

So proud of these teams!

Team Fezco

“Andrea has changed my life SOOOOOO much in the past couple of months. The biggest takeaway for me was learning about Fezco’s behavior. It helped me to see him more and communicate better. Also my change of mindset, instead of getting angry I am asking why or how I can help.

The way she runs her program really prepares you for the real world without having a coach. I find myself using everything she taught me to read my dog, make split-second decisions, and set him up for success. Most importantly, if we have a bad day, I do not beat myself up for it. What Fezco and I have accomplished is remarkable and our bond is nothing like I ever imagined. I am confident and have fun on our walks and training now. The best part is being able to celebrate all the little and big wins.

My relationship with Fezco has improved enormously along with our communication. It is stronger than ever and continues to grow! Living with Fezco is a joy now and I worry about him less now which means I can focus on myself and my goals more.”

Team Mundo

“During the course of my training with Andrea, I likened our sessions to doggy counseling. I felt like I learned so much from Andrea, but also it was so so important to me that I had this person that really understood what it is like to love a reactive dog.  Andrea very subtly identified me as the Mundo expert through dialogue. I am not sure if this was intentional, or it is just her approach to relationships or what. But when I had a question, rather than just giving a textbook answer, she asked me what I felt the answer was, and asked me why. This allowed me to see that I already had a really reasonable answer, and helped me build a lot of confidence in myself”.

From day one, Andrea was accommodating and supportive. The online platform made it really easy to work around each others schedules. Andrea was always available and responsive, but more importantly, the course content was invaluable. I have learned so many new skills to support my dog when encountering his triggers, specifically new people in the home. Helping a dog not to be afraid takes a lot of time, but I definitely feel like I have all the right tools to continue to teach my dog that new people aren't scary and he doesn't have to bark his head off, and to continue to work at disengaging from all the scary things (people and dogs) in the world when we go for walks. I highly recommend Andrea's course if you're someone who loves a reactive dog.”

Team Rufus

“If you, like me, have tried various training methods and you are still struggling with your dog, give the Calm Canine Program a try! Andrea was able to get to the root of the issues which was extremely helpful in helping my dog in his recovery. Previous trainers had given me things to do like, ‘hide behind a car’, but no one had given me any idea of what to do after that! Andrea breaks the steps down into manageable bits that keep you from feeling overwhelmed. The calls with Andrea were amazing and we were able to talk through the various changes that were happening when we met, and problem solve them together.”

Team Penny

“One of my biggest takeaways is that having a coach/support system is a game changer in working through reactivity. I needed the encouragement and accountability to stick to the training because I was burnt out after trying so many different things on our own and with other trainers.”

Team Koda

“We’re so happy with how far Koda has come so far and have Andrea to thank! We’ve had four visitors in the past week and Koda has wagged his tail and just brought them stuffies, no jumping, no mouthing, it’s been amazing!”

Team Daisy

“The CCP really helped us better understand and communicate with our dog. Andrea does a great job of breaking down concepts to make them easy to implement. The program gave us the confidence to handle our dog in challenging situations. Andrea was truly invested in our dog and our success, always responsive to our questions and helped us to focus on the progress we were making during the program. We live with more ease with her and are more confident that we know how to handle her.”



Proven Curriculum:  

  • Ten to Zen steps for treating leash reactivity

  • Teach-Proof-Trigger Protocol  

  • Handling guests with your stranger-danger dog

  • Car anxiety/excitedness

  • TV reactivity

  • Backyard reactivity/fence fighting

  • Noise sensitivity.  

  • Body language breakdowns so you can get fluent in dog-speak and actually communicate with your dog.

  • Tools that make you an expert like planning your training sessions, reviewing your own training sessions, and tracking your progress.

  • AND MORE!!!

  • Don’t see something?  Ask me about it!

Group Coaching

  • 2-3x month group coaching calls:  review and analyze your videos, work through training struggles, share wins, support, and learn from each other.

Private Community  

  • Ask questions, get feedback on your training sessions, and share wins with like-minded guardians who get it when it comes to dog reactivity.  

Additional Support

  • Post to the private Community page anytime.

  • Reach out to me directly.

Want to know if The Calm Canine Program is right for you and your dog?

Enrollment ends on June 22 or when the 6 spots fill - whichever happens first!

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