How does online dog training work?  

An online format works great for reactive, fearful, and hyperactive dogs.  If you’ve hired an in-person trainer before you, probably noticed how worked up your dog became just having a trainer in their presence.   By working online,  your dog does not go over threshold by me being there.  I have also found the online format gives guardians much more confidence to work with their dogs!  If you want to know more about how online dog training works, check out this blog post.

How do I record my training sessions?

You don’t need any fancy equipment. A smartphone for recording works just fine!  The early training sessions will happen in your home.  Just prop your phone up and start training.   For out on walks, some guardians have had a human helper record them. Others have been able to record on their own by using one hand for the leash and one hand on the phone.   Some folks even secure their phones in their treat pouch to record.

Do I need to be super tech-savvy?

Not really!  Aside from recording your sessions, you will need a Google account as we use Google Drive to upload your training videos.  Our coaching calls are over Zoom. Both of these are free for you!

What qualifications does Andrea have?

I am a CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer).  I am also a member of the Pet Professional Guild and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.  In addition to the certifications, I attend lots of continuing education events such as the Aggressive Dog Conference,  Living and Learning with Animals by Dr. Susan Friedman, and a mentorship program especially for reactive dogs.

Do you offer a guarantees or refunds?

No, I do not.  There are too many factors at play because your dog is a sentient being with their own feelings, thoughts, and emotions.  It is unethical or not possible for me to guarantee results.  What I can tell you this this:  Guardians who are consistent, follow the program, show up to the coaching calls, and ask questions do make progress and get positive changes wit.  

Is the Calm Canine Program right for me and my dog?

Learn more about Calm Canine Program.   If you are ready to get started, book a free call so we can chat more about your dog!

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